Our Mission

NAVTSS seeks to enhance the Palestinian youth situation and increase employment through vocational training programs and raising social and educational awareness amidst the Palestinian communities and the surrounding underprivileged areas.

Our Vision

We envisage a society where human rights are paramount and where all people live with dignity and actively participate in shaping their lives and their future. NAVTSS is a community based, independent and democratic organization that utilizes good governance approaches and that offers its professional staff unwavering right to grow, learn and interact in a milieu of respect and rightful delegation.

The National Association for Vocational Training and Social Services (NAVTSS) is a non-profit, independent, social, educational and cultural institution established in 1983. It aims to combat illiteracy, poverty, and disease while helping youth in their career choices and options.

NAVTSS seeks to transform our immediate reality into models of society committed to social justice, fight against poverty and the values of peace, equality and respect for diversity. Education is a fundamental key to social transformation, and it is our motor.

NAVTSS is dedicated to empowering Palestinian refugee youth and children to achieve their human rights through programs that enhance their emotional well being, life-skills, and professional prospects and prepare them for leadership in their communities.  NAVTSS does this through:


Business and Office Practice
Secretarial Works and Computer
Computer Maintenance and NetworkingAgricultural trainings
Graphic Design
Nursery Education
AC and Refrigeration
School support for children
Men’s Haircut
Industrial Electricity and Motor Rewinding
Cars Electricity
Carpentry works: wood and aluminum


Psychosocial support for women and children

Resilience workshops on self-esteem and relationship building

Child protection

Dispute resolution and mediation

Leadership trainings

Community needs assessments

Promoting volunteerism and community activism

Life-skills workshops

Emergency Response

Food items and non food items distribution

Fuel distribution

Emergency clothing distribution: Winter clothing, Dry blankets, mattresses, bed covers… Psychosocial support, Shelter rehabilitation.